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Your life in small projects - create, manage and share your progress

Your documentary - behind the scenes on the best things you do

Bring others - advertise to friends and family, or let professionals swarm the project

Networks on Co-opRating

Join networks and connect with others

Networks within Co-opRating are like magazines for what you do – your projects can be tagged & promoted within them, you can discover others doing project similar to you or you can just find inspiration across the world. More and more will be setup – request one you’d like to see!


The Music network will showcase everything music! Stay tuned for music news, album reviews, your concert reviews, tune suggestions and various photoseries showcasing the most amazing live shows around the world.


We want to highlight and share some of the trips our fellow Co-op'ers have undergone. Been somewhere exotic? Somewhere away from home? Got plenty of cool photos? Well come join us and we'll highlight your project!


Co-opRating is the best site for collaborating with other users and achieving greatness. We want to help connect people everywhere!


Upload media, manage events and communicate with others

Your projects are completely private to you and the members in them by default. No-one ever need see anything but the team members themselves… But if you choose to, you can make the project public – advertising for help, pinning the good you’ve done to your portfolio or sending those with an interest in it a rich media update on its progress!

Albums Worth Listening To!

Albums we've listened to lately! The Co-op team collect music crazily, so we'll keep updating what keeps us moving & humming

New Zealand in March!

We're going to New Zealand in March, to see what they're about


The web was in need of a HTML 5 validator, so a team of UQ students set out to make HTML Thor. The site is complete and fully functional, you can view it live at


Build your profile up and showcase what you have to offer

As you work with more and more people, communities and organisations you’ll immediately begin building a profile and reputation to call your own – your achievements, collaborations and progress will get you looked at by the right people.

Thorbjørn Hansen

Web Development


Martin Smee


Freelance Writer

Simon Hales

Graphic Design

Web Design


Your portfolio allows you to present the best projects you've participated in

The media trail of what you do! Forget the resume, it doesn’t tell a good story – and for those with more than one skill/love, there’s finally a place to piece together all of your proud moments and push for greater heights.

A user's portfolio page

Progress Feed

Keep up to date with the progress being made by your contacts and project members

Your progress feed is our favourite part of Co-opRating – anyone you have added as a contact inside will be able to send updates from within their projects that you can see. See the ups, downs and improvements from what your friends, colleagues and (eventually) favourite productions are striving towards. You may be able to help them!

A user's progress feed page
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