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What is Co-opRating?

Co-opRating is a place where projects come alive. Your life is already a set of goals and collaborations, so we built the one place to keep track of them all - the simplest way to manage tasks together, organize documents and show just what you’re working on.

Your profile is built off what you love to do!

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Your Life In Small Projects

Track, manage and share behind the scenes of your big things

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Be Found For What You Do

List Skills inside, and others will find you for their Projects

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Follow, Promote or Take Part!

Support your favourite Organisations or People by sharing, or contributing!

Co-opRating was started when four friends decided that they wanted to try and change social media - to make a place where your actions in projects were as important as your opinion, and as viewable. One got to building the perfect team, the other got to funding. This is where we started!

Create Projects

Projects can be for anything – fitness, team work, artistic endeavors.

For each project you can invite friends, upload media, send messages, add tasks, and create a story page showing off your project.

Build a Portfolio

Your Co-opRating profile is your life in projects!

Use it for promotion, find clients or just show progress on the things you complete.

We're highlighting the future-builders - whether you're young and starting a dream business,or working on a digital product to make the world spin (or both!) we'll be showing off your progress weekly

Connect with Others

There are others working on projects inside – you can collaborate on something, or invite friends to the party. Show them your profile, or tag skills to yourself for other projects!

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Martin Smee's project New Zealand in March (II) has been marked as completed!

Follow Progress

The organizations’ and people you love all work on projects – see their progress as they go by inviting them in. Post your own progress for people to appreciate.


Co-opRating isn't just for individuals. We've created Magazines and Networks with organisations in mind.


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Co-opRating offers completely discreet and secure networks for organisations and Not-For-Profits to have their own projects take place in.

Interested in having your own network? Contact us.


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These private networks are easy to publish out of if you are looking to engage with your followers, or hire the next hungry team member out of a pool of talented students and individuals for your project.

Interested in running your own magazine? Contact us.

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Co-opRating was built to be a smart platform - helping push progress in the right direction, showcasing the best and making everything easier to complete.

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